26 October 2007

The alluring Kristine Hermosa

Kristine Hermosa is one of the favorites of many Filipinos and she's been with ABS-CBN for many years. One of her best telenovela was Pangako. She was paired with Jerico Rosales.

Diana Zubiri: Innocent eyes

Real Name: Rosemary Joy Garcia Screen name: Diana Zubiri
Diana Zubiri’s first movie was entitled Itlog in 2002 where she was paid only P50,000.00. Ten Thousand of which went to her manager Jaime Mercado for his commission.
Diana is not related to newly-elected Senator of the Philippines, Juan Miguel Zibiri, a known political figure in Bukidnon, a province in the northern part of Mindanao.
In October 29, 2002, her FHM controversial and almost naked photo shot on top of EDSA-Shaw flyover in Mandaluyong City, got severe punches from City Mayor Benhur Abalos who later filed charges against her and FHM Philippines. Abalos also later withdrew after Diana and her manager Jojo Gabinete issued apology. The controversy made Diana Zibiri an instant celebrity.
Zubiri auditioned at ABS-CBN Talent Center but was rejected three times before heading to Japan at 16 and work there as entertainer.
Today, Diana Zubiri is one of the lead women cast of Zaido, a superhero-kind of television program aired daily over GMA Network.
Diana Zubiri was born July 15, 1985 in Bulacan but grew up in Olongapo City, Philippines.

Juicy Sunshine Cruz

Sunshine Cruz is one of the best Filipina actresses in Philippine movie industry. She was paired with many actors in action movies. She also has several "hot movies" but her role in action movies also resulted to her early retirement in the industry after she married to versatile dramatic actor-turned action star Cesar Montano. Her involvement in movies has stopped now and she concentrated on taking care of their cute daughter. Sunshine is also very contented with her life now as a mom to her daughter and a wife to the good-looking Cesar M.

Joyce Jimenez: Former favorite

Daring and Juicy Jocelyn Oxlade

Hottie Jenny Lee

21 October 2007

Maureen Larrazabal: Almost perfect body

Bold and daring Joyce

The happily married Aleck Bovick

Maria Theresa Bovick Tambis or simply Aleck Bovick as her screen name in the entertainment industry is now happily married. In her latest interview she said she doesn't mind being fat now adays because this is all for her first born baby to get good ounces of milk from her and grow healthy.
Aleck came from an average family before she was discovered and starred in few films. Since she also has the good looks of a daring and bold Filipina she was easily compaired with many starlets in the movie industry. However, Aleck has her own talent in acting that she was easily noticed.
For now Aleck is happily married and she stops acting for a while but she still welcomes good projects if there are offers.

20 October 2007

The pretty Bianca King

The gorgeous Jenny Miller

The ever seductive Gwen Garci

Riza Santos shines in PBB 2

Riza Santos is another rising star in her own right. Her entry into the famous Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 could be a stepping stone to a more exciting career in the future. Her pretty looks and seductive and very tempting body figure is a plus factor for her shining career in the entertainment industry.

Go, go Andrea!

Andrea del Rosario is a member of the famous Viva Hot Babes in the Philippines. She also makes her way into stardom when she push her limits to become a star in the movie industry. Andrea is not only a picture of a typical Filipina woman but she also carries the modern breed of a Filipina - bold, courageous, daring, and with strong personality. As a pioneer member of Viva Hot Babes, Andrea always makes it a point to keep her cool even when having provincial shows and tours, with the company of entertainment personalities including Viva's hot leg dancers.

Mariel Rodriguez on the go!

Mariel Rodriguez is another daring Filipina who also exudes a morena look, a typical Filipina beauty most admired by Filipinos. She now hosts Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 to show off her best not only as an actress but as well as her very best in integrating herself in society. Her captivating smile also catches the eyes of many fans.

Bianca exudes real beauty of a Filipina

Bianca Gonzales is a kind of Filipina woman that exudes the real beauty of a Filipina. She's very articulate and hosts several shows on television. She's also among the finalists of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition. Many Filipinos all over the globe who watch her on television has admired her courage to take centerstage as model of the Filipino youth who always values herself of being a typical Filipina.

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