25 February 2012

Julie Anne San Jose: Portrait of a Rising Teen Star

If there is another teen star to watch for this year it should be GMA 7,s Julie Ann San Jose. She is indeed a portrait of a rising teen star. Early in her career, we can already see this talented teen rising so fast and easily captivated the audience with her sweet smile, seductive looks and her awesome singing talent.

She is also partnered with the equally talented Elmo Magalona, her love interest and earlier was also the front act for Miley Cyrus’ concert. Julie Ann was also lucky to be chosen as front act for the upcoming concert of David Archuleta at the Araneta Coliseum on July 18.

Julie Ann is visible at GMA’s Sunday show Party Pilipinas and every Friday at the Andres de Saya sitcom, playing the role of Lizzy. Nowadays, the sweet smiling teen star oozing with so much confidence and sex appeal is filming a movie dubbed as Tween Hearts: Class of 2012. She is paired with her love team Elmo Magalona, and also casted by most members of the youth-oriented TV series “Tween Hearts.

While there are many young stars we can find today in three biggest TV networks in the Philippines but Julie Anne is one of a kind. I admire her beautiful looks and awesome aura. She is the younger look of my idol Dimples Romana in her young days in the entertainment world. When she smiles, oh my, the world goes round. That’s the kind of sex appeal we can see on Julie Ann.