22 September 2008

Jopay: Sexbomb's cutest pinay hottie

Jopay Paguia is now one of the few members of Sex Bomb dancers that was given a break to do television soap through Tabachingching, Chiquita and Mano po. This means this girl has also what it takes to become a woman to watch in the industry.

But like other artists in the entertainment industry, Jopay has also a roller-coaster ride experience. While reaping the fruits of her sacrifices in showbiz as a sex bomb regular his father also died.

However, Jopay has to continue taping Tabachingching because it was an instruction coming from SB boss Joy Cancio. It hurts because while here father was in time for the wake, Jopay still needs to tape for the daily television series. But Jopay hurdle everything. She showed she is brave enough to handle as this has become part of her destiny.