03 November 2008

Cute and sexy hottie Pinay Ara Mina

Texts: Mr Nice Guy
Filipina actress, model and singer Ara Mina (Hazel-Reyes-Mathay) in real life is now a very versatile actress because of her good training in the past at German Moreno’s That’s Entertainment. Although during the That’s days her career did not blossom as what other fans expected, but it became a stepping stone to prove she has what it takes to become a completed Ms. Ara Mina, as far as her acting, modeling and singing career.


She was able to prove her critics wrong when she won the Golden Screen Award in 2004 for the Best Actress category. In fact, the award made her a regular member cast of GMA’s Bubble Gang since 1998, one of the top-rating comedies on televisions in the country. But she also left GMA when good offers from ABS-CBN also came.

She is currently on exclusive contract with ABS-CBN and also regular cast of ‘Princesa ng Banyera’ as a replacement to Angelika de la Cruz.
Ara Mina continues to stay hot and sexy even when she has already stopped doing sexy movies because of her amazing gift of beauty. She would be staying for so long in the industry if she is not one of the lucky actresses who made it on top and acquire riches.

Many sexy actresses did not make it to the top simply because they have no plans and luck is not on their side. But for Ara Mina, it’s all a mixture of beauty, brains and luck that made her very successful in show business.


  1. Recently, I found that Filipina girls are really nice !

  2. Thanks for the comment. You are right Filipina women are very accommodating and friendly.

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