08 March 2010

Ruffa Gutierrez walk out issue worsens?

Ruffa Gutierrez just joined TV 5 after the reported walkout issues against Kris Aquino.

Annabelle Rama over GMA 7 interview the other day has accused Kris Aquino of keeping her daughter out of focus on several episodes of "The Buzz" because of kris alleged harsh comments on Ruffa's statements.

"Ang tunay na dahilan bakit umalis si Ruffa sa "The Buzz" ay ang laging pambabara ni Kris sa kanya,"Bakit ganyan umasta si Kris. Hindi pa nga nanalo si Noynoy ganyan na siya kung umasta," were the statements of Mrs Rama over GMA TV station.

She also urged the Filipinos to refrain from voting presidential bet Noynoy Aquino, brother of Kris Aquino

Meanwhile, Kris has yet to issue her side of the story over the "walkout issue."