20 May 2008

Leah Dizon: Sexy Pinay-Jap Hottie Model

Leah Dizon: Sexy Pinay-Jap Hottie Model

Leah Dizon is a Filipina-Japanese model based in Japan but she was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 24, 1986. Her father was a businessman in California and she had two brothers and a sister. During her teenage life she was an avid fan of Rock and R&B music. She took guitar and dance schools as well as enrolled in a theater school. When Leah graduated in high school she started her career as a magazine model by posing on import car magazines and she began to gain recognition from her fans which had rapidly grown especially in East Asia. In just one year her photos posted on the internet recorded more than 2 million hits. She applied to a talent agency in Japan by sending her demo tape. She was fortunately accepted. In 2006 she finally moved to Japan to pursue her modeling career. In Japan she recorded songs interpreted in Japanese language. In October, 2006 she released her first photobook which was given the title Petite Amie (girlfriend in French)

19 May 2008

Pinay Hottie Makes Her Mark in America

Filipino-American Francine Dee is now making waves in American soil. This gutsy and super pretty Filipina uses her beauty and brain to capture the hearts of Americans. She’s one of the famous Filipina models now working in America. With her awesome appeal, boobsy physical body and pretty looks, Francine Dee could easily mesmerized people and businessmen. This is the way she made business in America as a super hottie pinay model. Francine Dee is a sexy pinay extraordinaire because she has shown that she can do it despite her roots in the Philippines tagged by many as one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

16 May 2008

Angel Locsin: RPs Sex Symbol Pinay Hottie

Screen name: Angel Locsin
Real name: Angélica Locsín Colmenares
Born: on April 23, 1985
Place: Bulacan, Philippines
Profession: Film actress, commercial model, film producer, fashion designer, product endorser

ABS-CBN’s acquisition of Angel Locsin, the hottest actress in Philippine movie industry today and oozing with seductive looks and awesome sex appeal, is another good chapter for Angel after her first chapter ended at GMA-7 where she first belong. ABS-CBN’s plan of pairing him with hottest actor Piolo Pascual was seemingly successful as their TV soap Lobo is getting high ratings. The chemistry of both Piolo and Angel is now mixing and showing good responses every time they acted together on screen. It seems Angel has also found the more “greener pasture” after she finally united with ABS-CBN.

No doubt her FHM cover few years ago as well as her introduction to TV series click started it all for her. FHM said Angel belongs to the “100 Sexiest Women In The World.” She also ranks second to international star Angelina Jolie which is now known as the sex symbol of the Philippines – In fact she was the sexiest Filipina according to the magazine.

Filmography where Angel Locsin stars
• Darna: The Movie (2007)
• Angels (2007)
• The Promise (2007)
• "Asian Treasures" (2007) TV Series
• Mano po 5: Gua ai di (I love you) (2006)
• "Bubble Gang" (1 episode, 2006)
• Txt (2006)
• "Majika" (2006) TV Series
• I Will Always Love You (2006)
• Mulawin: The Movie (2005)
• "Darna" (2005) TV Series
• Let the Love Begin (2005)
• Sigaw (2004)
• Mano po III: My love (2004)
• Singles (2004)
• "Love to Love" (1 episode, 2004)
• Kuya (2004)
• "Mulawin" (2004) TV Series
• Mano po 2: My home (2003)
• "Iibigin ay ikaw, Ang" (2002) TV Series
• Ping Lacson, Supercop (2000)
• "Click" (1999) TV Series

15 May 2008

Marian Rivera: Hot Pinay Superstar for 2008

Versatile actress Marian Rivera is now becoming a hot deal for television soaps and movies for 2008. This after Angel Locsin transferred to ABS-CBN using the famous lines of many - “looking for greener pasture” Well, being part of GMA-7 is already a greener pasture for Marian Rivera. She has shown to Filipinos around the world she has the power to rule television with her innocent yet pretty looks. Her successful portrayal of the famous Marimar TV series has proven her worth in the industry. Now, Marian Rivera has many TV commercials aside from her new TV series Dyesebel which I have predicted would again help boost the GMA-7 ratings. Marian is a new jewel found by GMA-7 after Angel Locsin left the house last year to look for greener pasture.

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13 May 2008

Anne Curtis: Dazzling Fil-Aussie Teen Hottie

Anne Curtis is now blossoming with the success of her movie with bankable and good-looking Aga Muhlach in their movie "When LOve Begins." Many of those who watch the movie are nothing but praises to the superb chemistry of Anne and Aga. The ABS-CBN is also showing its fantastic television series again topbilled by Anne Curtis in the lead role. The television soap is entitled "Dyosa" in which Anne is playing the role of a mermaid. The way she looks as a mermaid is very seductive and beautiful. Right now many people are saying that Anne's career is in boom and blossom as she successfully hurdled past issues in her hurled by many entertainment press.

04 May 2008

Dazzling and Hot Deals KC Concepcion

Despite her new entry into show business but Maria Kristina Cassandra Cuneta Pangilinan (screen name: KC Concepcion) is now one of the very promising talents in the entertainment industry. She recently signed a three-movie contract with ABS-CBN aside from her ongoing Television commercials. KC Concepcion is a proud daughter of popular movie actress Sharon Cuneta-Pangilinan and Senator Francis Pangilinan. KC’s biological father, however, is Gabby Concepcion a former love team of her mom. In fact, her mom and Gabby got married and KC was born but the married was not successful. When her mom re-married again to the senator, Senator Francis legally adopted KC and so KC now uses Pangilinan as her surname. Just few months ago her biological dad also came returned to the Philippines and launched his movie comeback as well as to face all court cases filed when he left 10 years ago and work in the US as a realtor.
Name: Maria Kristina Cassandra Cuneta Pangilinan
Screen name: KC Concepcion

First theater role: The Little Mermaid
First show business career: MTV Asia VJ
First Soundtrack recorded: Beauty and the Beast directed by Ryan Cayabyab
College grad: American University of Paris
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in International Corporate Communications minor in Theater Arts
New documentary: KC: From Paris to Pinas
Current endorsements: Bayo, Enervon
Representation: United Nations Ambassador in the Philippines for World Food Programme

02 May 2008

Seductive Eyes Pamela Kaye

Name: Pamela kaye
Birthday: August 27,1988
Status: Single
Interested in: Friends
Hometown: anywhere but here..
Religion: Catholic
Zodiac: Virgo
Education: In college
Occupation: student
Website: http://www.myspace.com/2279973

About me: The name is Pamela kaye, which actually means I am God's gracious gift. You can call me pam too. That's fine with me, choose whatever you like. I was born on the 27th of August in the year of ..88. Yes, I am 18 years old; with a mind of a 20 year old. Looks can be really decieving eh? ha-ha-ha. Born and raised in Manila, Philippines. I'm easy to talk to. A good listener is what they usually tell me. I talk too much. Way way too much. I have a super hyper-active imagination. Which is actually kinda useful. I get depressed when it rains. Weird eh? I write down my feelings when I am very much depressed. That's where I put everything. I put shit aside when I need to and try to be strong. I have Insomnia and it's not such a good thing. It's hard to deal with. It's not as easy as you think it is. Feel free to argue with me. I love talking.HAHA. I like doing things my way. I like asking weird question to people..

General: chocolates, caramels, PURPLE, cheap thrills, hanging out w/ friends, surfing the net, starbucks, vanity, bliss, flip flops, vanilla frappe, cellphone, pc, mp4, lotion, facial wash, toner, moisturizer, make-ups, bags, foodtrips, roadtrip, swimming, taking pics, texting, talking on the phone all day long, sleeping 12 hours a day, california maki, misono beef, vodka cruiser blueberry..

Music: Reggae, TechnO, alternative, Acoustic, Techno club

Movies: Mean Girls, Spongebob, Wicker Park, City of Angels, , I Am Sam, Serendipity, 50 First Dates, You Got Served, Bruce Almighty, The Notebook, Mona Lisa Smile, Girl Next Door, Elf, Notting Hill,If Only, Stay Alive, Shutter, Fragile, Final Destination 1 &; 2, John Tucker Must Die, Honey, Loving Anabelle, House of Wax, It's a Guy Thing, Ice Age 1 &; 2, Surf's Up..

Television: disney.. HBO.. ETC.. cinemax..

Books: magazines..........

Heroes: marvel heroes. haha!Ü

Who I'd like to meet: Friends who I haven't seen for ages are very much welcome here! :) Someone who'll bring me home when i'm drunk and he'll have to carry me all the way to my bed and of course he has to kiss my forehead goodnight. Then he'll just hold my hand until he falls asleep and he'll wait for me to wake up. That would be perfection to me. :) I need a boy to hold me and say it's okay, not a boy to kiss me and walk away. I need a true man who can keep it real, not a little boy who dont know how he feels. & Maybe that's why he's the man of my dreams because in my dreams is the only place I'll ever have him even though sometimes I get tired of waiting. My heart never lets me forget that I'm still waiting for you. Btw people, I don't give out my digits unless I know your personally. So don't bother asking me to give you my digits. 'Coz I won't. You can try. But, goodluck with that. pk_827@yahoo.com

Charming and Dazzling Erika

Name: Eka
Birthday: 1988
Zodiac: Taurus
School: University Of Santo Tomas, Attended 2005 - present, Class of 2009, Bachelor's Degree, Behavioral Science
Occupation: Preoccupied
Websites: http://friendster.com/frigiddamsel, http://ekawaii.blogspot.com, http://ekaramel.multiply.com
Email: ekaramel@yahoo.com

Interests: kumain nang maraming-marami, red or pink lip gloss, mag-PS2, mag-soundtripping, kumanta (pagpasensyahan na lang ang boses kong sintonado), caramel frappe, green and pink combo, Italian food, corny jokes (except crappy and lame ones!)
Movies: gory, bloody, horror movies (but I'm the #1 matatakutin! Ang gulo noh?), movies of Reese Witherspoon and Jim Carrey, romantic and comedy flicks like Legally Blonde, Bruce Almighty, etc., So Close, Windstruck, Love Actually, A Walk To Remember
Music: mga labsungs pre!!, instrumentals, house OPM, OST's, K-pop, J-pop, nicest of the 80's-90's
TV Shows: Detective Conan, Ellen (makes me laugh really hard!), Full House, Goong(Princess Hours), drama, lifestyle and music shows

About Me:
Never explain yourself to anyone, because the person who likes you doesn't need it, and the person who dislikes you won't believe it. :)

The Alluring and Tantalizing Eyes Christine

Name: Christine
Birthday: 1989
Status: Single
Interested in: Dating, Serious Relationships, Friends
Orientation: Straight
Religion: Catholic
Zodiac: Aries
Smoke / Drink: No / No
Children: Someday
Education: In college
Website: http://www.myspace.com/ravissantevano

About me: My friends call me Hann... am not ur ordinary type of girl.. i dont party, don't drink nor smoke... am just an indoor person.. i rarely go out... i love sleeping, eating, texting, listening to music, drawing, and cooking... i love purple and brown... am a coffee addict... Well, am a very sensitive person and i get easily attached with someone who shows me so much care and attention.

Music: dream, mellow, rnb, reggae and oldies...

Movies: 50 first dates, if only, the notebook, never been kissed, how to lose a guy in ten days, raising helen, my sassy girl

Who I'd like to meet: i'd like to meet people whom i can have a good conversation with...

The Daring And Athletic Althea

Name: Althea
Birthday: 1983
Hometown: Rockwell
Status: Single
Interested In: Networking, Serious Relationships, Friends
Orientation: Straight
Body type: 5' 6" / Athletic
Religion: Wiccan
Zodiac: Aquarius
Smoke / Drink: No / No
Children: Love kids, but not for me
Education: Grad / professional school
Occupation: Business woman
Companies: Vergara Corporation
Website: http://www.myspace.com/135389995

About me:
" I may seem sensible and quiet but in reality, beneath the calm exterior, there's a mischief-making center .i have beautiful black eyes that you cant resist but be carefull! dont look into those expressive eyes too deeply when i am singing about love and passion - there's a real danger you'll loose your heart... It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye..." It means that don’t judge the person by its looks know them better by heart. Maybe you would find that person unique..ok by Althea

General: Yamanakasi, Star Gazing, kumain, maligo, mamasyal ng mamasyal, damit, makipagkwentuhan, mag party, mag ingay, mangapit bahay..lahat ng kagaguhan isama mo na..
Music: Classical music to whatever form of music we have nowadays.
Movies: I watch movies weekly. Action. Suspense. Light Drama. Comedy. Sci-fi. Animated. Musical. Etc.... Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Television: ..aries. Cartoon Network, Any Movie Channel I may come across
Books: The Alchemist &; Valkyries
Heroes: God

Who I'd like to meet:
No consistent agenda. I'm really lucky to know you if you're lucky enough to really know me. Beyond that - anyone who inspires me to be a better man. As for love, there is definitely has to be chemistry, but I want to share my own unique joys and trials with someone whose own are different; I want to grow through whom I know, and to enhance the life of him who shares in mine. Laugh our asses off, love with abandon, and have the kind of tantric mind-scrambling that only happens when souls are disrobed and completely bare. God bless us all peace out..

Carole: Your Girl-next-door in Antipolo

Carole is a Filipina that exudes a beauty of a girl-next-door type with her cute and meztiza looks. She’s the girl-next-door in Antipolo City and she’s interested in serious relationship. Take a look below to see more of Carole’s profile and other information.

Name: Carole

Birthday: 1987

Hometown: Antipolo

Status: Single

Interested in: Networking, Dating, Serious Relationships, FriendsOrientation: StraightBody type: 5' 5" / More to love!

Religion: Catholic

Zodiac: Taurus

Education: In college

Occupation: student

Email: carole_prettyme@yahoo.comMusic:RnB...jazz...pop...alternative...all...!Who I'd like to Meet: all of you guys.......!