02 May 2008

Seductive Eyes Pamela Kaye

Name: Pamela kaye
Birthday: August 27,1988
Status: Single
Interested in: Friends
Hometown: anywhere but here..
Religion: Catholic
Zodiac: Virgo
Education: In college
Occupation: student
Website: http://www.myspace.com/2279973

About me: The name is Pamela kaye, which actually means I am God's gracious gift. You can call me pam too. That's fine with me, choose whatever you like. I was born on the 27th of August in the year of ..88. Yes, I am 18 years old; with a mind of a 20 year old. Looks can be really decieving eh? ha-ha-ha. Born and raised in Manila, Philippines. I'm easy to talk to. A good listener is what they usually tell me. I talk too much. Way way too much. I have a super hyper-active imagination. Which is actually kinda useful. I get depressed when it rains. Weird eh? I write down my feelings when I am very much depressed. That's where I put everything. I put shit aside when I need to and try to be strong. I have Insomnia and it's not such a good thing. It's hard to deal with. It's not as easy as you think it is. Feel free to argue with me. I love talking.HAHA. I like doing things my way. I like asking weird question to people..

General: chocolates, caramels, PURPLE, cheap thrills, hanging out w/ friends, surfing the net, starbucks, vanity, bliss, flip flops, vanilla frappe, cellphone, pc, mp4, lotion, facial wash, toner, moisturizer, make-ups, bags, foodtrips, roadtrip, swimming, taking pics, texting, talking on the phone all day long, sleeping 12 hours a day, california maki, misono beef, vodka cruiser blueberry..

Music: Reggae, TechnO, alternative, Acoustic, Techno club

Movies: Mean Girls, Spongebob, Wicker Park, City of Angels, , I Am Sam, Serendipity, 50 First Dates, You Got Served, Bruce Almighty, The Notebook, Mona Lisa Smile, Girl Next Door, Elf, Notting Hill,If Only, Stay Alive, Shutter, Fragile, Final Destination 1 &; 2, John Tucker Must Die, Honey, Loving Anabelle, House of Wax, It's a Guy Thing, Ice Age 1 &; 2, Surf's Up..

Television: disney.. HBO.. ETC.. cinemax..

Books: magazines..........

Heroes: marvel heroes. haha!Ü

Who I'd like to meet: Friends who I haven't seen for ages are very much welcome here! :) Someone who'll bring me home when i'm drunk and he'll have to carry me all the way to my bed and of course he has to kiss my forehead goodnight. Then he'll just hold my hand until he falls asleep and he'll wait for me to wake up. That would be perfection to me. :) I need a boy to hold me and say it's okay, not a boy to kiss me and walk away. I need a true man who can keep it real, not a little boy who dont know how he feels. & Maybe that's why he's the man of my dreams because in my dreams is the only place I'll ever have him even though sometimes I get tired of waiting. My heart never lets me forget that I'm still waiting for you. Btw people, I don't give out my digits unless I know your personally. So don't bother asking me to give you my digits. 'Coz I won't. You can try. But, goodluck with that. pk_827@yahoo.com

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