15 November 2007

Riza Santos: Promising hotbabe

Riza Santos is one of the most promising beauties of the entertainment industry. She exudes a very fresh look everyday coupled with he sweet smile. Riza is also expected to hit the movie screen soon given the right opportunity.

14 November 2007

Jamilla: Waiting for her luck

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Jamilla Obispo hopes to find her lack in showbiz when she joined the Pinoy Big Brother. But right now she's still stagnant as she has not proven yet her worth in acting. Although she starred in some TV programs but her performances were not enough to get noticed from directors and TV executives. But still she has not lost hope that soon she'll also put her mark and she's waiting for that to come.

11 November 2007

Glamorous Katrina

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Katrina Halili's performance in the remake of soap opara "Marimar" is excellent. She's a versatile actress and can be paired to anyone. She can easily create a good chemistry whoever is paired with her.

09 November 2007

Anne Curtis: Teen Hottie

Anne Curtis is one of the hottie yet versatile actresses of ABS-CBN. She has been very successful in her previous roles as villain as well as acting as a sweetie good girl. She has also become controversial in her rumored smoking habits. But she currently reported to have quittted from smoking already.

06 November 2007

Angelica Panganiban: a versatile hottie teen actress

There is no comparison to the hot image of this young and pretty face in the entertainment industry, Ms. Angelica Panganiban. She's been proven as a versatile actress in various roles she portrayed on TV and movies. Angelica proves she is worth the roles she had recently picked as villain even if she has the angelic face. Since maldita roles are also fit for her she can be both a "bida" and "contrabida." That's the edge you can get if you're a versatile actress like Angelica.

Karylle Marquez: Hottie model

Karylle Marquez is now one of the famous personalities in show business. She already puts her mark in the entertainment industry because she has many offers in modelling, television shows and more.

03 November 2007

Bianca Araneta: All time image model favorite

Bianca Araneta is one of Philippines all time favorite models for skin care and beauty products. She has already proven this in her past product image promotion projects.