31 July 2008

Roxanne Guinoo: Portrait of an Innocent Hottie Pinay

Texts: Mr Nice Guy
Actress Roxanne Guinoo is now showing off her best in her telenovela at ABS-CBN television channel. This means she can prove she has what it takes to become a very respected actress in a lead role. Her performance over “Ligaw na Bulaklak” shows she can become one of the biggest lead stars in Philippine television and movie industry. Roxanne can be honed to become as big as Gretchen Barreto, Judy Ann Santos, Marian Rivera, Angel Locsin. All it takes to become a big star in stardom is a big break for her.

Her recent daring move to become as sexy as other actresses in her advertising project with a beverage company also showed she’s now a grown actress and ready to accept mature roles. It could have been a start of a big break for Roxanne to get enough recognition and more TV commercials. However, her manager and Roxanne herself failed to maintain the limelight. I could just remember during that month she’s the object of more television talks, gossips and intrigue magazine. With that she had instantly became a super actress. Continuity of her name being a byword in the media as well as her fans didn’t succeed.

With Ligaw na Bulaklak Roxanne is again hoping to prove once more her talent in acting as well as of becoming more daring not only as a sexy star but as well as of her acting prowess. I do believe she has the power to become a big star given a big break. She only needs to unleash this power if she ever wanted to grow, earn more money and succeed in life. Her innocent-looking and pretty face could help her ignite a spark to unleash her might in movie and television business.

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